无论它们是否相互冲突,毫无疑问,虚拟世界和生动的现实生活总是在不断发展。他们会怎么做,楼梯的最后一步在哪里? 到目前为止,没有人能够预测,但我想探索它。

By combining the sense of pixel and the element of architecture, this work aims to present the opposition of substancial items and the insubstancial digital world.
The little white cube that constituted the whole sculpture is a soild item, also the basic element of architecture, meanwhile, it is made up of planes, which could also be one of the tiny pixels in a huge image.
No matter whether they are conflicting or not, there is no doubt that the virtual world and the vivid life always keep developing together. What will they be and where is the last step of the stairs? So far no one can predict but I would like to explore it.

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